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Dog Grooming Pricing in Dade City Area

To get an accurate price estimate in Dade City area, please contact us. You may call or text, email and also try our online BOOK NOW system. We will get back with you shortly.

Prices vary based on the size of the pet, breed, temperament, and condition of the pets coat. We offer frequent mobile dog grooming discounts.

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Proudly serving Dade City, FL and surrounding areas, we provide premier MOBILE DOG grooming services near you.

CONVENIENCE: We bring our custom equipped and totally self sufficient mobile pet grooming salon right to your front door in Dade City area.

STRESS FREE: No kennel environment; no excessive thirst from cage drying, and less exposure to other dogs with potential diseases. Only Pet Groomers graduated at Tampa Bay Pet Grooming Academy.

AFFORDABLE: First Mobile Full Dog Grooming 10% OFF and special discounts for more than 2 dogs at the same appointment in Dade City area. No hidden fees.


Mobile Pet Grooming Services in Dade City, FL:

– FULL GROOMING: Includes a bath, blow dry, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and hair plucked to prevent infection, trimming of the tail, clipping of the coat, sanitary areas cleaned, pads trimmed, and haircut on the face.

– FACE, FEET AND TAIL: Bath, blow dry, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, sanitary areas cleaned, pads of the feet clipped, tail trimmed, and scissoring of the face.

– BATH, EARS AND: Dog bath/wash, blow dry, nails trimmed, ears cleaned.

– NAIL TRIM: Includes nail clipping and buffing.

– Due to the popularity of our mobile pet grooming services in Dade City, please try to schedule at least one week in advance. To maintain a healthy coat and skin, pets should be professionally groomed at a minimum of every 4 to 6 weeks.

– All mobile pet groomer appointments are scheduled in 2-hour “windows” in Dade City. For instance, if you have a 10:00-12:00 appointment, expect your groomer to arrive sometime between 10:01 and 11:59.

– Please have your dogs ready and waiting when the groomer arrives.

  • Tips are neither required, nor expected by our groomers. However, it remains an appropriate way to say “Thank you” for service that exceeds your expectations.
  • Pet weight may be verified with a scale and limited to 70 lbs. Pet height is measured at the shoulder and limited to 24″.
  •  Flea treatment shampoos are available for an additional $5 and up. Pets with fleas will be treated and charged automatically.
  • Missed Appointment Fee: if you must reschedule your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid the $45 per pet. Also, if we attempt but, for any reason, are unable to groom your pet you will be charged a $45 fee.
  • There will be a $5 and up additional charge for each area trimmed (face, feet, tummy, sanitary area, etc.) in combination with a bath.
  • Rates do NOT include dematting fees, tick/flea removal, nail polishing or specialty cuts
  • Although our scheduling system refers to an amount of time per type of service – for instance 2 hours on a full grooming, it must be considered just a reference for planning purposes and therefore we´re not obligated to stay longer than the necessary to perform our services.
  • Our rates are time-based, which among other factors consider a well maintained hair coat and healthy skin and the pet behavior. If your pet is not cooperative during the grooming session – for any reason, or has not been groomed regularly, or if the coat has knots, tangles, mats, debris, parasites or excessive dirt, either there will be a  $10 Coat Condition additional fee to cover up the extra time required (up to 20 minutes) or our groomer will inform you the options recommended and its fees, which may include setting a second appointment to complete the service.
  •  We are able to accept only checks or cash. If your check is returned to us, we will ask you to replace the check with cash, plus pay a $35 fee.


  • Photographs: We may take a picture of your pet before, during or after the grooming process for the sole purpose of education, promotions, advertising or website use. If you would like a copy, please let us know.
  • Matted Dogs: Removing a heavily matted coat includes risks of cuts, nicks or abrasions due to warts, moles or skin folds trapped in the mats. Heavily matting can also trap moisture near the dog’s skin allowing mold, fungus or bacteria to grow and revealing skin irritations that exist prior to the grooming process. As the owner, you are responsible for the condition of your dog’s coat and may not hold Park N Bark responsible in the event of adverse effects of mat removal.
  • Dematting services are not available at this moment, therefore if the coat is matted, the groomer will need to shave close to skin. Either the Full Grooming rate or a Missed Appointment fee will be assessed if you decide to not shave and cancel the attended appointment.
  • Behavioral Issues: We will make every attempt to groom uncooperative pets, but we may not be able to complete grooming on pets that pose a threat to themselves, other pets or our groomers. We reserve the right to stop an ongoing grooming session or decline a return appointment for pets whose behavior makes it unsafe for them or us to groom them. Either the agreed rate or a Missed Appointment fee will be assessed even if we´re unable to complete the service or if you decide to cancel the attended appointment.
  • Pet Injury: We would never intentionally harm your pet, and every precaution is taken to see to it that your pet is handled in a kind, loving, and humane manner. Grooming equipment is sharp, and pets are wiggly/moving creatures, so even though we use extreme caution and care in all situations, the possibility of a pet getting cut, nicked, scratched, or the nails quicked, etc, does happen. If an injury occurs, we will administer first aid treatment immediately and let you know. Veterinary bills from matting, old-age, or preexisting conditions will be the responsibility of the owner.
  • Allergies: We only use products such as shampoos and conditioners certified for pets. However, if your pet has any kind of allergy or related skin issues you are responsible to alert us before the service starts and in that case provide the specific and properly product recommended for your pet.

Note: Vaccines are required